Economic Perks

Instaraise aims to save investors millions in funds loss. Defi has become synonymous with and infamous for “rug pull” scams, where a fraudulent presale will sell tokens and run away or disappear with the proceeds of the sale. Investors are left penniless, knowing that they will likely never see their money again. Tens of millions of dollars have been scammed in the past year alone through various DeFi protocols.
Instaraise mitigates the chance of such a rug pull scam. The smart contracts and sales factories ensure automatic add and lock liquidity onto exchanges. This simple fix forces sellers to have their funds and liquidity locked for the specified duration of time. Investors can more comfortably invest in presales because they see the liquidity lock duration listed on the presale page. The smart contract establishes a safe investment thus preventing rug pulls. Nevertheless, the problem of minting and selling tokens on the market still exists. If there are faults in the code of the incubated projects, scams can still happen. However, other security measures such as audits can help mitigate this.
*NOTE: All the projects go through a KYC verification on our platform before explicit whitelisting.