Reward Mechanisms

Staking for Pool Allocation

For a private sale, the participant's addresses must be whitelisted either by project owners as well as by a weighted pool score. A pool weighted score is computed Pool score for a user computed by the staked Amount, and the Interval for the amount is staked. Both the parameters contribute to the score. The Public sale is open for all participants but every participant has a fixed pool size i.e only a fixed amount they can invest in the pool which is set by the project owner in our smart contract.

Staking for Rewards

It's always a win-win situation for an investor / general public to stake into our pool as we provide a freshly minted reward for them on our platform. We also partner up with other platforms to incentivize $INSTA holders in the best way possible ( the reason behind keeping a large Reward pool )

Liquidity Mining

To incentivize participation in daily token pools. We're launching a liquidity mining program concurrent with the MVP launch on Tezos. This will give users good returns for locking up XTZ - PROJECT LP Tokens for our pool and the rewards can be in terms of $INSTA tokens.
*We'll be launching staking & liquidity mining in Q3.