Technical advantages

Low gas fees and self amending nature of the Tezos protocol suits to be the Ideal Blockchain for onboarding DeFi to a new level and explore the most out of it. The Defi growth has just started in the Tezos ecosystem and needs an IDO Platform so that small projects can get traction and conduct presales that too gaining trust for the ecosystem. We also mitigate the problem of the distinctive nature of Liquidity locking as we facilitate the process with our own Smart Contracts.
Instaraise aims to be a governance-backed project listing platform on top of the Tezos ecosystem.
As such there are lots of technical advantages we bring to the platform.
  • Decentralized: We're completely decentralized, to build trust amongst the users and project owners we are completely decentralized.
  • KYC secured: All the projects listed on our platform go through KYC verification to build trust on the platform and listed projects. From v2 we'll have complete KYC integration i.e for both participants as well as project owners.
  • Transparent: The investors/participants are made aware of the upfront of the pools before investing in our UI.
  • Security: Until the liquidity is locked by project owners, the leftover fund is not accessible to project owners as well thus making presale secure.