How to list your project?

Our listing process.

Interested projects willing to conduct a pre-sale for their tokens on the Tezos platform should fill out the complete application using the link and apply.
We always ensure the quality and legitimacy of the platform. Each application goes through a rigorous review during the due diligence process and then evaluated based on objective merits. Each of the Council members will cast their vote, and projects having greater than 60% of the Council's vote are approved for launch.
Once approved, projects will be provided with detailed instructions on how to prepare for and execute their launch on Instaraise.

Our listing criteria.

The projects applying to get listed on Instaraise should fulfill the following listing criteria.
  • Have a well-documented whitepaper or docs link explaining the feature or innovation the project is trying to bring.
  • The project should have a social media outreach on telegram and should be active on medium and Twitter.
  • Should have a working website or mobile app displaying the product and its features.
  • Should have an audited smart contract.
  • Initial Project participation doesn't need project owners to hold $INSTA tokens yet with our staking program launch projects owners must stake to list their projects for an IDO.
Once the above requirements are met and the listing process is done our marketing team will connect for the further platform listing process.