How can buyers participate in the presale?

Participating in Public Sale:

Participating in the public sale doesn't require any specifics, any user holding Tez in their wallet can participate in the public sale. All the user has to do is navigate to our app using the link and check out the ongoing sales on the platform.
Initially, with the v1 launch, we are going with the FCFS approach with the cap of max allocation for a user. Later With the introduction of staking users will have to be holding sufficient tokens and attain a pool weighted score the higher the score the better the chances.
*Note* In public sales, the ongoing sale pools get filled on a first come first serve basis with an upper limit fixed per user.

Participating in Private Sale:

To participate in a private sale users must stake X tokens for (minimum of seven days) before the sale. Depending on how many tokens you stake, you will earn a “Pool Weight Score.”. Your Pool Weight Score vs. others’ score determines how much allocation you receive (i.e., a score of 250 will have more allocation than a score of 249).
*Note* there is no fixed limit to the amount of tokens a user can buy on the platform with an upper limit fixed per user.
A Step by Step Guide will be published before our Mainnet Launch!