Problem's Instaraise is trying to solve

  • Currently, there are no Incubation & fundraising platforms on the tezos platform and the defi product release ecosystem has started taking place with this a lot of projects would look for an opportunity to raise funds.
  • Rugpull scams (where a seller steals money from a presale and runs) are rampant and can cost the community tens of millions of dollars.
  • Presales are risky for investors because they have no promise or guarantee that bad actors will not steal their funds or liquidity pulled.
  • There is no platform that ensures the liquidity locking for a particular provider in an autonomous manner.

Instaraise to rescue ⛑

  • The low gas fee and an ever-supportive ecosystem have brought in a lot of traction for Defi development on Tezos. Instaraise provides a platform for defi products on the tezos chain to raise capital via token presale.
  • Eliminating rug pulls. Rug pulls make Defi less secure, often done through removing liquidity, rendering the token worth useless. The Instaraise presale platform will fix this problem via liquidity locking. These current manual measures are made automated and trustless via Instaraise's smart contracts. They are rendering liquidity pulling useless for bad actors.
  • A genuine problem with how presales work in crypto is that influencers, venture capitalists, and well-connected people receive allocations for private/presales. This often makes casual investors and proletariats miss out on early investments. Instaraise will give holders and stakers the token priority by using “Pool Weight Score,” allowing retail investors to partake.
  • Instaraise's IDO platform is completely decentralized and open to all. This means any investors big or small can come and invest in the pool. The distribution and locking of the tokens would be on a first come first serve basis and completely decentralized, making the platform trustless.