NFT Based Credit Delegation

This feature is currently under development there will be enhancements in the coming future.
Score that decides the pool allocation has 2 major factors ( Staking Amount and Staking Time ) With NFT Based credit delegation we make sure when someone doesn't invest or want to leave the platform get incentivized for the time they have spent with the platform staking. And the score does not lose its time royalty by getting nullified when someone unstakes.
We are bringing an innovative approach first time in the IDO ecosystem where a user can create an NFT associated with the score. That NFT will be deciding the Pool Allocation in the further projects.
Someone can sell the NFT with the Valuation of
Staked Amount + Stake Time ( Self Defined )
This opens up a new Trade paradigm where a person can grab an NFT from other users and start getting the allocation with respect to their score.