Working of Launchpad

Instaraise's product offering is much different than any IDO's.
Our upcoming MVP relies heavily on our FixedSwap pool-based smart contract set. Combined with our unique $INSTA staking features, and eventual Tezos migration, we believe that Instaraise is the correct approach for projects to launch tokens and raise money via public and private sale, or both.
With the Instaraise presale factory contract, it generates two types of contracts :
  • Instaraise Token Pool Contract
  • LP Lockup Contract
TokenPool Contract is responsible for conducting the presale and once the sale is done the funds are transferred to the LP Lockup contract
Liquidity provisioning tokens are already sent to an LP Lockup contract while creating. Once the Sale ends the Liquidity is automatically provided to Quipuswap and the LP lock-up happens automatically and trustlessly through our smart contract. This Lockup makes sure the project owner does not have the ownership of the LP Tokens until a specific time elapses. ( This is pre-decided by the Project Owner and visible while the project gets listed. It brings trust to the users ) Our Infrastructure is available for everyone but explicit whitelisting is needed to get the projects listed and consume the perks of having the IDO in our Platform.
Instaraise decentralizes and democratizes the presale system by creating dynamic presale contracts and combining them with an easy-to-use UI. ​
Working Overview of Instaraise Launchpad