Let's Summarise !

Transparent Presales

Instaraise aims to conduct full transparency with regard to how a sale is conducted. Investors can see how long the contract owner will lock the liquidity prior to joining the pool and participating in the sale, building the investors trust in the project and it also gives an edge to the Project owners to have more trust in their project

Auto LP Locking

This is where the security essence joins the Launchpad. Instaraise's Platform is completely Decentralised in terms of handling end-to-end processing of the presale. From the Sale creation to the Funds withdraw by the owner.
Auto LP locking is one of the key autonomous features which gives the leverage of trust for the Investors. Once the sale is ended the dedicated tokens i.e to be provided for the Liquidity are added to Quipuswap autonomously through our Smart Contracts and the LP Tokens are locked for the predefined time by the Owner.
The owner can't withdraw the tokens until the Locking time is over, this mitigates the problem of RugPull

IDO Launchpad Perks

Even if the Platform Infra and contracts are free to use by everyone. We do an explicit whitelisting in our Admin contracts which will list the Pool in our platform.
Whitelisting will be carried out when a project meets certain conditions and is fruitful for the community. Due diligence will be conducted by the people who contribute to the Tezos ecosystem.
An explicit promotional strategy will be in place to give the project better traction and more people in the ecosystem know about it.